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Octet for Winds

Octet for Winds

Please contact me for a perusal recording and score.

Composed rapidly during the late Spring in Houston, Octet for Winds came out of a series of early Tuesday morning writing sessions. I wrote the piece for conductor Christopher Neal and his ensemble¬†West Winds Chamber¬†Players. Chris, a woodwind player himself, was one of the first musicians I admired who also championed my pieces years ago. I took some of the strengths of Stravinsky’s Octet, devilishly hard Bassoon lines, whimsical dry upper woodwinds, and a constant rhythmic focus and wrote a six-movement work that is distinctly in my voice. The premiere has not been scheduled yet and will likely be in 2015.


Clarinet in B-flat
Bassoon 1 & 2
Trumpet 1 & 2 (in C or B-flat)
Tenor Trombone
Bass Trombone


Duration: 16 minutes